All Dee Dee ever wants to do is cook. All we ever want to do is eat her food.

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Pennie’s Tea

Pennie's Tea

Teas made from the finest quality ingredients

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Jenz Southside Salsa

Jenz Southside Salsa

Jen finally decided to share her salsas with the world. We are thankful!

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European style small batch cookies made with high-quality ingredients and no preservatives

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Dr. Ray’s Toffee

Dr. Ray's Toffee

The best toffee ever!

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feed your passion!

who are we?

Everyone dreams of starting their own business. It might be a favorite childhood obsession, the memory of your grandmother’s recipes, or a healthier alternative to a popular indulgence. Even better, a crazy new idea that you can’t buy anywhere, but know the world will love.

United Kitchen brings local food businesses a commercial rental kitchen that ignites the entrepreneurial spirit that lives in us all.

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United Kitchen is also available for party rentals and cooking classes! Call (708)354-4844 for more information!


our unique menu

Each United Kitchen vendor offers a wide variety of bakery items and specialty treats. Below is what you’re likely to find for sale when you visit our store, but you can always special order from any vendor and pick your goodies up at United Kitchen. Check out our Menu on Facebook!

(GF indicates Gluten Free, DF indicates Dairy Free, V indicates Vegan, P indicates Paleo)

Pesto (GF, V)

Salsa (GF, DF, V)


Italian Sauces & Sausage Bread

Snacks & Sweets

Paleo Granola & Cookies (P, GF, DF)

GF/DF/V Bakery items & entrees

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